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Message Board -Terms of Use

This page contains the following sections:
Guidelines for Members
     Site Information
     Steps to Become a Member


Our message board is a place to seek advice and support from fellow stepparents.  By registering for a user name, you agree to the following:  


Our members often use abbreviations on the message board. You can review what the abbreviations mean on the Acronyms Page.

There are several "classic" essays that are frequently referred to on the board. You can find them in the Resources section on the Essays page. One of the most popular essays is the Disengaging Essay.

If you have other questions about the message board, please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. If your question is not addressed on the FAQ page, please submit a help request to the message board administrators.

StepTogether is very concerned with its members' privacy and recognizes that the information left on this website is of a very private nature. E-mail addresses or other private information is not given out for any purpose and is only accessible by administrators.

The StepTogether website is run with the help of donations and does not contain pop-up ads or invasive software besides the cookies which aid in the login process. You can set your browser to not allow cookies and still be able to login.


(1) Using the link below, register a user name.

(2) After completing this registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link to click to verify your e-mail address works. THIS LINK WILL BE FOUND AT THE BOTTOM OF THAT E-MAIL. You MUST click it to continue the approval process.

(3) The second e-mail tells you when you're a full member and can post on the board. This bulletin board is ran by volunteers, therefore, it may take a day or two to receive your approval email.


Click here to register a user name.  This means you have carefully read, understood and agree with the above Terms of Use