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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's All Small Stuff)
A stepmom from the trenches makes a breakthrough

When BM Passes Away
A stepmom describes the unexpected changes that happen when a parent passes away

Combating Alienation
A stepmother's advice for dealing with alienation with her SD

A classic primer for Stepmothers in crisis

Disengaging in a Nutshell
A short essay on one Stepmother's disengaging success.

Help! My Wife Is Disengaged
A husband's guide to the disengagement process...what he can do to help the process work and ultimately come to an end.

Male Guilt Essay
Guilt-parenting from a man's perspective

Male Emotional Adultery
An essay from a man's perspective about weak DHs, especially as related to their dealings with their exs

Maybe the Kid has a Point
An essay written by a step mom who had been a step daughter.

Patterns of Development in Stepfamilies
Stages that stepfamilies go through during and after their formation

Put BM on your Do-Not-Call-Registry
A veteran's advice on reacting to urges to communicate with BM

Remarriage 101
Tips for the second wife who marries a man with children

Ten Commandments of Marriage
Necessary parts of a successful marriage

The Real Price of Badmouthing the Ex
What badmouthing the ex REALLY does to your children

The Question I Ask Myself
How would things go in a nuclear family?

Things I Wish We'd Talked About
Gracie1 recounts the things she wished she had discussed with her husband BEFORE they got married

Wording Existing Boundaries So That Your DH Understands Better
Suggestions on working through a communication gap using word pictures.